Get Into Nature…Safely! Activities You Can Do While Self-Isolating to Stay in Touch with Nature


Photo: from United Nations

Backyard Activities – good for kids and adults!
Go on a Scavenger Hunt
Some examples of possible scavenger hunts include:

  • Find 5 different shaped leaves
  • Find 5 different shades of green or brown
  • Find 5 different odors
  • Find 5 different textures
  • Find 5 different types of animals or evidence of animals like a spider web or a bird nest

Make Leaf and Bark Rubbings
Learn about Animal Behavior
Go Cloud Watching
Learn About Life Underwater – if you have access to a stream or body of water
Make Observations Using Your Senses (with the exception of taste):

  • Hearing: Children can sit outside and listen to the types of sounds they hear, man-made and natural sounds. Describe the volume and pitch of the different sounds they hear.
  • Touch: Touching different rocks, mulch, bark or leaves, children can document the different textures they are able to find. Avoid touching poisonous plants.
  • Sight: Kids can use their eyesight to engage in a variety of counting activities, including counting the number of clouds, trees, rocks or bugs they see during a given time frame.
  • Smell: If you break apart a leaf, the fluids inside reveal different odors. Children can describe the odors of various types of leaves, as well as the distinctive smells of things like grass, dirt, and mud.

Have a picnic in the backyard, driveway, or in the garage (the garage is especially fun if it is raining)
Play I Spy
Camp out in the backyard
Make art with sidewalk chalk
Plant an herb garden, flowers, or other types of plant