April 2020 Books to Read

In light of Covid-19 and the necessary disruptions with canceled events, we are provided recommended books, videos, and films focusing on nature and the environment.

April 2020’s recommended books come from Chris Bowlen. Thank you, Chris!


Beyond the WAR on Invasive Species by Tao Orion. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015. Non-fiction.

This is a very well researched and documented easy-to-read book. The author uses a permaculture approach to dealing with invasive species (animals as well as plants) instead of the chemical obliteration approach, which seems to have become the acceptable way. She goes into detail about what is the problem with the herbicide/pesticide model. She covers problem species across the US with thoughtful alternatives to business as usual.


Nature’s Best Hope by Doug Tallamy. Timber Press, 2020. Non-Fiction.

This is Doug Tallamy’s second book about the steep decline in wildlife, especially insect populations, because of the common practice of planting grass and non-native plants on privately owned land (also known as our backyards and front yards). He provides a clear and easy path to transforming any sized yard space into an effective wildlife habitat. The first printing of this book sold out; the second printing will be available soon but is available in ebook format.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2018. Fiction.

This was just a fun page-turner. The time period for this novel starts in the 1950s and is the coming-of-age story of a young girl growing up under stressful conditions in North Carolina’s coastal marsh area. Her salvation is the time she spends watching and learning from the natural world around her. Forward to 1969, and there is a murder to be solved. The evidence is sketchy and the Marsh Girl is implicated.