Headwaters Annual Meeting Hike notes

by Kate Guenther,  Headwaters Master Naturalists Secretary

Notes are from the 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes, November, 2012

river gorge trailMembers met at North River parking lot for a facilitated hike. Charlie Huppuch, retired US Forest Service supervisor, and Lynn Cameron, representing Friends of Shenandoah Mountain led the hike to the North River Gorge near Mt. Solon. They discussed various management options and proposals for the George Washington/ Jefferson National Forests, and found much common ground.

Charlie gave a great history of the national forests and their management. He showed the hikers many areas where the trees are approaching the end of their life span. He is an advocate of cutting for wildlife habitat and forest renewal.

Lynn showed the group a map of biodiversity in the US, and we are certainly in the top few areas for diversity. She discussed coalition building and the need to block hydrofracking or other mineral extraction in the many areas of national forest where mineral rights are still privately held. Charlie has also had some experience with this.

Along the way, Headwaters hikers met bikers, a hunter, girl scouts, and other hikers on the trail. It was a busy day in the gorge!

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