3 in 1 Day 2012

by Sophia Cliffe

Sandy's Jeopardy at 3in1 day

VMN Jeopardy!

In August 2012, RoxAnna Theiss and Sandy Greene held the first Headwaters “3 in 1 Day” advanced training at Sandy’s place.

The day began with an introduction to the VMN Field Guide created by Sandy and held in the barn. It is a “who’s who” in the world of government and non-profit agencies tailored to the needs of the area serviced by the Headwaters Chapter. After a lively game of jeopardy to see what we knew or missed, some of the class participants headed over to the log cabin for a computer session taught by RoxAnna Theiss. The objective was to have everyone present be able to access and navigate the MN volunteer system web page (http://www.virginiamn.volunteersystem.org), and also be able to log in volunteer and advanced training hours.

Other participants joined a scavenger hunt adjacent to a wooded area by the river bank with Eric Jones and Sandy identifying wildflowers and seeking edible plants.

The delightful day was topped over with a meal of locally grown or foraged greens, a quiche with lambs quarters, venison ka-bob provided by RoxAnna and expertly grilled by Frank Deckert. The class savoured the fresh picked berries, as well as, homemade cakes topped with whipped
cream. Sandy treated us to her homemade honey mead, and elderberry.

RoxAnna at 3in1

RoxAnna on the VMN Volunteer Management System

3in1 day drinks

Sandy Greene pouring drinks

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