Volunteer Opportunity: Promote Nature, the Valley, HMN, & Earn Volunteer Hours! 


Photo: by lonelyplanet.com

Members of Headwaters have a wonderful opportunity to create short videos (as easy as using a smartphone) of the Valley that promote nature, and in turn, promote HMN, and earn volunteer hours. What a deal! Michelle Prysby, Director of the Virginia Master Naturalist Program, has requested our chapter to consider a collaborative project with the advocacy group Wild Virginia. They’re hoping we will make some short videos that they can include in some of their outreach programs/films. Here’s the email from Michelle:

“Misty Boos, Executive Director at Wild Virginia approached me about a collaboration to have VMNs record videos of some short (3 minutes or so) interpretive walks/talks on nature topics. For example, a short video to show and talk about some of the spring wildflowers folks might see in the woods. The VMN would need to work independently with your own equipment, but a decent cell phone with video capabilities would be fine for this purpose.

Could you float this idea out to the Headwaters Chapter members? If this opportunity interests any of them, they can just reply to me and Misty <misty@wildvirginia.org> and let us know some ideas they have for topics/themes they would cover in their video. Misty has a couple of volunteers who can help coordinate once we have a list of people who want to do it and have the capability.”

So, if you have any interest in providing a brief video (or two, or three) and making the chapter and our region look good, please email Michelle and Misty. (And, please copy Dave so the Project Committee can get a feel for how many people are interested.) THANKS!

by Dave Forrer, Projects Chair