JMU Tree Inventory Updates, Summer 2022

Note the Tree Inventory Volunteer Days in September: 1, 6, 8, 9, 14, 20, 22. More details here and in Better Impact!

Ali, Carl Droms and Ann Murray under two giant white mulberry trees freshly inventoried into the ArcGIS Collectors App, August 9, 2022.

To date eight HMN volunteers have spent 70 hours logging trees into a GIS field data collection app and have added a total of 733 trees to JMU’s Campus Tree Inventory Map. Information such as: Species name, height of the tree, diameter at breast height or DBH, health, maintenance recommendations, photographs and more have been added to an extensive database that is publicly accessible and will be utilized by the university to calculate existing tree canopy cover in order to establish a goal for improving the tree canopy cover on campus. The tree inventory data will also be used for research and education by faculty and students and to begin the process of evaluating the many benefits urban trees provide to the campus and to the local community.

– Ali Sloop, JMU Stormwater Compliance Specialist, August 26, 2022

Photos below by Ali except the one of her shirt which was taken by Adrie.

JMU Stormwater Compliance Specialist Ali Sloop and Ann Murray, Cohort II, work on the JMU campus tree inventory project, July 28, 2022. Photo by Dave Forrer, Cohort VI.

Since Headwaters Master Naturalist volunteers started assisting James Madison University about a month ago with its campus tree inventory, a total of 477 trees have been geolocated.

Five HMN volunteers have spent a total of 32 hours on campus adding data to the ArcGIS Collector app JMU staff uses for the tree inventory. HMNs measured each tree’s height, diameter at breast height, identified species, noted health and structure of the tree and logged photographs. This data will prove very useful as JMU works to increase the urban tree canopy on campus, preserve existing canopy on campus and manage the urban forests on campus.

– Ali Sloop, JMU Stormwater Compliance Specialist, July 28, 2022