Mushroom Hunt

Photo: by Adrie Voors
My personal favorite, a “little brown” with signs of critter sampling bite marks.
The recent dry spell kept our mushroom count on the low side as Peggy Plass, Lacey and her son, Jack Dean, his friend, Hayden Terry, and I searched around the Edith J Carrier Arboretum for these visual treats on Sunday, October 13. But with Peggy’s help and ID skills, we delighted in the discovery of a variety of bracket, gilled, and club mushrooms including turkey tails, coral and coral-pink mushrooms, a “little brown,” a potato-shaped puffball, and some dead man’s finger fungus, providing appropriate decor for the upcoming Halloween celebrations. Thanks to Peggy for this fun walk and talk on a gorgeous fall afternoon!

Photo: by Adrie Voors 
Lacey examines a new find for identifying features with her son, Jack Dean and his friend, Hayden Terry.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
Coral-pink mushroom.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
Coral mushrooms on a decaying log.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
Likely puffball but we did not cut it for a better ID.

By Adrie Voors