Adopt-A-Highway Adventures


Hardy and hot HMNs in the heat of … October! Carl Droms, David Forrer, Jerry Hopkins.


Wednesday, October 2 was unseasonably hot! Nevertheless, a handful of hardy HMNs managed to cover over two-thirds of our designated Adopt-a-highway roadway on Spring Creek Rd in Bridgewater to collect over six bags of trash and a bag of aluminum cans in record time. Thanks to Jerry Hopkins, Chris Bowlen, David Forrer and Carl Droms for this good work!

Our home base for the twice-annual pickups is Bluestone Vineyards, who have always been very supportive of our efforts. With all the recent concern about the expanding territory of the invasive spotted lanternfly, Jerry engaged the General Manager and head winemaker, Lee Hartman, in an interesting conversation about how his business is reacting to this latest threat to his livelihood. He described some of the proactive steps he’s been taking to limit exposure of his vineyards to this pest including methodically eliminating its host tree, Ailanthus altissima, the infamous tree of heaven. Frederick County and the City of Winchester are currently under a spotted lanternfly quarantine, hoping to slow its spread.

Mark your calendars for our next Adopt-a-highway trash pick up on Spring Creek Rd on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
Chris Bowlen and Carl Droms picking trash along the road above the vineyards.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
Somehow this pillowcase got separated from its pillow found on opposite sides of the road during the trash pickup. It did not clean up well enough to be reused as a pillowcase around here but will surely find a repurpose.

Photo: by Adrie Voors
My favorite find wasn’t until the following week finishing up the last stretch of our roadway. This handsome bird seemed thrilled to be rescued from the ditch and to accompany me on the rest of our litter collecting walk. It had no doubt run away from home knowing Thanksgiving is approaching!

By Adrie Voors