Trees for Harrisonburg

Recently, Headwaters Master Naturalists joined other volunteers to help the City of Harrisonburg plant over 50 trees. On Wednesday, October 24, Kathy McKenzie, Cohort V, planted trees around Thomas Harrison Middle School, and on Saturday, October 27, trees were planted along a small tributary at Heritage Forest and Gardens.

A variety native species were planted, including: pin oak, black gum, red maple, willow oak, and swamp white oak.

The tree planting events were part of an effort to get everyone more involved in the community, as well as increase tree canopy coverage and tree species diversity throughout Harrisonburg. These two events wrapped up a great season of planting – new trees were also planted along North Mason Street, on South High Street, and on Old South High Street next to the Martin Luther King, Jr Way bridge.

Thanks to Kathy for helping out!

– Rebecca Stimson, Cohort IV, October 2018

Photo at top courtesy of Rebecca shows Kathy and Rebecca (2nd and 3rd from L) planting a tree at Thomas Harrison Middle School on October 24.

Basic Training Cohort VI member Rebecca Stimson is the Stormwater Compliance Specialist for Harrisonburg. In that capacity she organizes events to engage the public in learning and stewardship towards protection of Harrisonburg’s local stream, Blacks Run, which is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Other events which have involved HMNs  include Blacks Run trash pickups.