Virginia Big Trees


“The Virginia Big Tree Program maintains a register of the 5 (now 3) largest specimens of over 300 native, non-native, and naturalized tree species. The register includes information about each tree’s size, location, and unique characteristics. Each tree must be re-certified every 10 years to maintain its status in the register.” – VA Big Tree Program

Coordinated by  Eric Wiseman, Associate Professor of Urban Forestry, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech, many of these trees were last measured in 2008 (or earlier) and require re-measuring this year. Two of these trees are in the HMN service area: a paperbark maple on the Bridgewater College campus and a Japanese zelkova in Staunton.

Breyette Lorntz, Cohort V, recently became involved in the re-measuring effort for the VA Big Tree Program. Thanks to Breyette for sending photos and this background on August 11, 2018:

I was trained yesterday to measure trees for the VA Big Tree Program. I met with Jon Rockett to measure the Japanese zelkova in downtown Staunton.  Jon had previously measured the tree at Bridgewater, earlier this month when I was out of town.

Check out the listings, locations, current status and rankings of the these trees HERE.

More from Eric Wiseman including details of the re-certification process and links to maps and more HERE

Top photo is of Big Tree measurers Jon Rockett and Breyette.

Thanks to Breyette for the photos!