Busy Month for HMN Outreach

Earth Day Staunton 2016

HMN Outreach Committee Chair Janet James has led an HMN presence at the major April – Earth Month-related events in the valley this year. Most recently, she was at Waynesboro’s Riverfest.

Riverfest was Saturday, April 30, and despite the clouds, it was well attended. The Headwaters Master Naturalists’ recruiting display was used and interested visitors were given Stick-A-Seeds. HMNs Margaret Speicher and Sophia Cliffe, and Janet James’ daughter Jenna Benzing all helped Janet at the booth.

Jenna talked about mammals using her animal skull collection, and kids were fascinated. In addition, many visitors had questions about the mason bee house that was at the booth, which provided an opportunity to educate visitors about these little known pollinators.

– Janet James, Cohort III, Outreach Committee Chair