McCormick Farm Tree Planting


Judy Tammi along Marl Creek.

Even though the weather was decidedly un-Spring like, four Headwaters Master Naturalists celebrated the upcoming vernal equinox with planting trees at the McCormick Farm trail on Saturday, March 19. Ginny Joseph, Ann Murray, Peggy Plass and Judy Tammi joined Charlie Huppuch, retired district ranger in the U.S. Forest Service, for the Spring planting project.

Volunteers worked under cloudy skies and drizzling rain which ultimately turned to hail and snow, planting dozens of young trees–including silky dogwoods, white oak, and mulberry–along the banks of Marl Creek at the farm. “I love imagining these little white oak trees still being here in 300 years, maybe remembering us and this day that we spent setting them out,” commented HMN Peggy Plass. Although freezing fingers and potentially slick roads resulted in a slightly premature end to the day’s work, most of the new trees slated for planting ended the day with their roots in the ground, joining the thriving community of trees and shrubs installed in previous years by the VMNs.

– Peggy Plass, Cohort IV, March 2016

photos by Peggy Plass