M&M!: What’s your sign?


The Headwaters Chapter members are sorting up Monarchs and More! Focus Project duties with the hopes of having flourishing wayside pollinator stations scattered across the valley to show off in August.

One of the more daunting tasks is falling on HMN member Gail Napora as she lays out an assortment of sign possibilities for the five different site groups to choose from. Permanent signage at each of the spots will offer an educational component to the projects as well as recognition for the partnerships established in this year long effort.

Read more about the signs and team picks in Sandy and Gail’s notes on the Monarchs and More! Project meeting in late January here: M&M! Rally Notes.

monarchsigndraftSo far three of the five groups are favoring a monarch themed sign offering bright colors and contrasts to catch the eye. The sign wording will be consistent between the five signs and is being finalized. The signs will each sport location-specific partner logos as well as a QR code linking to a page on this website that will host updated information about the plight of the monarchs and the many functions and importance of pollinator-supporting efforts.

Thanks to Gail for all her creative energy and time toward our project signage!

– Adrie, February 2015

Find some online resources to help choose useful plants and identify other site needs here.