M&M! Rally Notes

HMN Monarchs and More Focus Project Meeting Notes
Thursday, January 29, 2015, 6:30PM
Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church, Fort Defiance

monarchsigndraftRepresentatives from each of the five waysides, and the Plant and Sign Teams got together to finalize the budgets and plans for the pollinator waysides.

  • Bridgewater Arboretum had four team members:  RoxAnna, Dwayne, Pat and Malcolm.
    They chose their sign from among the many beautiful full size originals by Gail Napora, and discussed their plant needs.  The Town of Bridgewater is laying out their wayside for them.
  • Ann Murray, team leader for Project Grows, and Jerry Hopkins brought a great plan map with photos of flowers, chose the Monarch wing sign and discussed plants with plant team reps Chris Bowlen and Kate Guenther.  Project Grows needs some split rail fencing.  Ann priced it at VA Frame for ~$150.  They will also have stepping stones to allow kids to come into the garden.  There is a CREP sign near the garden, but it may be better to have a separate one.
  • Ann also represented the Frontier Culture Museum wayside, and the Monarch wing sign will also go to them.   Team leader Kathy Romig has contacted Marian Ward of the Waynesboro Women’s Club, which has voted to help.
  • Gretchen and Sandy represented Natural Chimneys, and they chose the Monarch wing sign.  They also asked about taking out the yucca (which can stay).  Team leader Kelly Rourke has hosted two workdays, and the Natural Chimneys maintenance staff has been very helpful.
  • Chris Bowlen spoke for Purcell Park, and team leader Adrie will work with Gail on their sign choice.  They already have an “In progress” sign, and seven milkweed clumps planted and mulched.

Sandy showed the group how to follow each team on the website (www.headwatersmn.org), and reminded them that each team project is listed separately on the VMN Volunteer Management System website, to which there is a link on our Headwaters website. (https://virginiamn.volunteersystem.org)  There’s also a link to our Facebook page – yet another way to keep up with each other. If you can’t access any of these, call me (Sandy) for help!  Please Send your photos and updates to Adrie for the website:  ahvoors@gmail.com.     – You’re making history as you go!

Those in attendance at this meeting should use CS-Monarchs and More 2015 FOCUS Overall Plans in the VMN VMS project list to log in your hours.

Here is Gail’s summary of where we wound up last evening on signs.

beeonsusandraft•        Four teams selected signs: the Monarch sign was chosen for 3 sites (Project Grows, Natural Chimneys, Frontier Culture); and the Bee Fly sign was chosen for Cooks Creek Arboretum.
•        Purcell Park is collecting input so I will follow up with Adrie next week.
•        The QR symbol leads to an existing page that Janet will “collect” content toward with a plan of having an image, summary text, and links to related sites (like pollinators.org)
•        The paragraph on the sign will be rephrased to reduce words, and increase visibility (bullet points perhaps) with Janet taking the lead on getting that done.
•        Each project will plan to provide an 18″x24″ sign to their site; installation will be specific to the site, with a goal of having the site owner take responsibility for installation (with M+M team participation).
beesigndraft•        Pricing of the 18″x24″, full color printed on metal (.063 gauge) signs with rounded corners (if possible) will be requested from 3 places: I will contact Shenandoah signs; Malcom will talk with Eddie Edwards and Sign Pro. We will ask if there is any advantage to all signs being produced at the same time (though each will be unique because of sponsors).
•        The HMN board will set a criteria for the use of a sponsor logo on the sign (what the sponsor provides to have it there).
•        Each team will identify their sponsors and get an appropriately sized/formatted logo file and official release (the sign company we choose will likely provide a form) signed by the sponsor.
•        Signs can be produced once the:  1) paragraph on sign is approved by the HMN board; 2) sponsors have met their requirements and provided a logo file and release; 3) team is ready to install.

(There is no extra charge for printing different signs, since Gail is doing all the graphic work.  Many thanks, Gail!)

Ann requested a fundraising letter, which could be a card folded into the brochure.  We will need a thank you letter that specifies the donation.  Sandy did explain about the 501-c-3 status of the state VMN, if a donor requires that designation.

The plants team gathered the wish lists and will now gather the plants.

We had great refreshments, and everyone helped clean up.  The church kitchen is being painted, but we worked around it.

Andy and Frances Sale will not be able to be here for the tour, but will help with refreshments before they leave for a Montana wedding.  They are interested in helping with the Lake Shenandoah project.

Thank you to the folks who came out last night, to folks who sent messages and updates, and photos to the website. Thanks to Adrie for tracking each project and keeping the stories on the website, and to everyone who is digging, planting, mulching, hauling rocks, talking to park managers and maintenance staff and nurseries.  YOU ARE THE FOCUS PROJECT!

augustastonesallymillerdrawingSandy Greene, Project Committee Chair  487-1224
Headwaters Project Committee Members:
Adrie Voors, Chris Bowlen, Betty Forrest, Art Vasy, Ginny Hoffman
and RoxAnna Theiss as liaison to the Training Committee
(Glad to have more members! Want to join us?))


Notes compiled by Sandy and Gail with input from RoxAnna