Monarchs and More! Update

monarchcaterpillar.fws.govAs of early 2015, the Headwaters Master Naturalists’ 2014/2015 Focus Project, Monarchs and More!, is taking shape to include five Pollinator Waystations spread over most of our service area.

From north to south:

  • Purcell Park, 41 Monument Ave., Harrisonburg
    • contact Adrie @ ahvoors[at]
    • Purcell Park’s website is here.
  • Cooks Creek Arboretum, 211 Weeping Willow Lane, Bridgewater
    • contact RoxAnna @ roxanna_theiss[at]
    • Bridgewater Parks brochure with Cooks Creek Arboretum is here.
  • labeledmapsnipNatural Chimneys, 94 Natural Chimneys Lane, Mt. Solon
    • contact Kelly @ kellrourke[at]
    • Natural Chimneys’ website is here.
  • Project Grows, 608 Berry Farm Rd., Verona
    • contact Ann @ ramurray[at]
    • Project Grows’ website is here.
  • Frontier Culture Museum, 1290 Richmond Ave., Staunton
    • contact Kathy @ kromig11[at]
    • Frontier Culture Museum’s website is here.

We have webpages for each project site to document progress with notes and photos. Click on the highlighted names above to access these sites.

A big “Show and Tell” meeting was held on January 29, 2015, at Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church: Bring your drawings, dimensions, team and partners, plant wish list, sign parameters and needs.  This is the big meeting to make our Monarch Waysides glorious!  – Sandy Greene [Sandy’s notes from this meeting are here: M&M! Rally Notes]

Find some online resources to help choose useful plants and identify other site needs here.