New HMN Display Debuts at Earth Month Events

Sandy Greene, along with committee help from Anna Maria Johnson and Cindy Westley, developed our new display featuring birds and caterpillars relaying a message about the importance of native plants to sustain our wildlife diversity. The beautiful photography was generously contributed by Diane Lepkowski and Steven David Johnson. Photo by Carl Droms.

Harrisonburg’s Blacks Run Cleanup Green Scene, April 15

Chris Bowlen, Art Fovargue, Carl Droms, Peggy Plass and Jim Johnson by the HMN table at Harrisonburg’s Blacks Run Cleanup Green Scene, April 15, 2023. Photo by Adrie Voors.

Earth Day Staunton, April 22

On left, Sarah Foster, Cohort VIII, hosts our table at Earth Day Staunton on April 22. On right, Rob Beaton, Cohort VIII, and Ann Murray, Cohort II.

Lots of visitors on a rainy day, for a native plants theme.
Other volunteers: Gretchen Achenbach, John Bauman, Peggy Plass. Other HMN’s were hosting all over the gym at other agencies and organizations. Busy and fun!

Sandy Greene, Cohort I

Waynesboro’s Riverfest, April 29

From left, Eunice Sill, Cohort VIII; John Bauman, Cohort VI; Rob Beaton, Cohort VIII; Cindy Westley, transfer member; and Ann Murray, Cohort II, at Riverfest 2023. Photo courtesy of Cindy.

… Riverfest … was a very well attended event and a beautiful day. Sandy’s beautiful display attracted many people who had a wide variety of experience with nature. So many people had stories to tell and pictures to share. It was great to introduce folks to iNaturalist app and Homegrown National Park. I was so impressed with the school children – some from as far as Hampton – and their understanding of the importance of pollinators. I think enough people took info about being a Master Naturalist to fill another program. Having current students talk about the program was impactful. Everyone (including us) learned new things. I was also pleased with the interest in bluebirds – a future CE program! It was great to be next to the Native Plant table, a symbiotic relationship and huge draw. 

… Hooray for Sandy who really knows her stuff and generously shares her expertise. 

Cindy Westley, HMN Outreach Committee
From left, Elaine Smith, Cohort IV, with Lyn Holt and Bekah Mongold, both of Cohort VIII, helping with our outreach table at Riverfest 2023. Photo by Cindy Westley.