Welcome Anna!

Anna Finch is among our newest Chapter members, having transferred in from another chapter. HMN Stephanie Gardner was recently in touch with her to find out a little bit about her and help introduce her to other members:

Anna along St. Mary’s Wilderness Trail. Photo courtesy of Anna Finch.

Welcome to Headwaters Master Naturalists Anna!

Thanks for helping us get to know you through this online interview.

From what chapter are you transferring your VMN membership?

I originally was trained with the Fairfax Master Naturalists Chapter in 2015 and then moved to Portland, Oregon for a few years where I became an Oregon Master Naturalist there as well, and now transferring to Headwaters and sharing dual membership with Rivanna Master Naturalists as well. I live between your two chapters! And looks like some exciting opportunities to volunteer with both!

What were some of your favorite past volunteer and leadership projects with VMN? 

I am passionate about volunteering in parks connecting people to our beautiful natural world and being a steward! Some of my past favorite volunteer projects were vernal pool monitoring, frog call surveys, welcoming park visitors at Visitor Centers, and helping with other areas as needed like trash pickup.

In what areas will you continue to volunteer or are looking forward to exploring?

I am excited to continue exploring vernal pool monitoring and possibly macroinvertebrate surveys (I loved that so much in the training course I recall) and do love wildflowers and bird watching as well!

Do you have any favorite memories of amazing, odd, or funny moments in your VMN training and volunteer work thus far?

My favorite memory is when introducing to a child a fact about a beaver, or flower, or bird, and seeing the child’s face light up and make the connection to nature! I love inspiring those future naturalists! And finding fairy shrimp in my vernal pool in Alexandria, VA was so cool!

Please tell us about other interests and hobbies that you enjoy.

I also enjoy hiking and exploring new parks with my husband! He is from Fishersville and we have returned to his grandma’s house in Staunton to buy and begin our new chapter, so I love learning about new parks if anyone has any recommendations on their favorites in the area!

Thanks Anna! Welcome to Headwaters!
February 2023