Supporting Trees in Public Spaces in Waynesboro

“Greenway in blossom,” courtesy of the Waynesboro Parks and Recreation Department website.

An exciting new Master Naturalist project centered around trees is starting in 2023 in Waynesboro! Headwaters Chapter members will work in current and planned public spaces like Ridgeview Park, The Greenway, Basic Park, and Coyner Springs Park. We will assist with management of invasive vines and trees, management of beaver cages around trees, pruning, and may also assist with planting and mulching. 

The first planned project is to enlarge beaver cages around 74 planted trees along The Greenway, which runs alongside the South River. These cages were installed around 5-10 years ago and many are in urgent need of replacement. There is also ample opportunity to remove invasive vines along this beautiful paved trail.

This project was created with support and encouragement from Waynesboro Parks and Recreation and the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards. Contact Breyette Lorntz Covington, project lead, if you’re interested in joining this effort. (breyette.covington [at]

– Breyette Lorntz Covington, Cohort V, January 2023