Shen Mt Garlic Mustard Pull

HMN Lisa Klein reports here on her May 1, 2021, garlic mustard pull along the Shenandoah Mountain Trail near the Confederate Breastworks in the George Washington National Forest:

There is a ton of garlic mustard up on Shenandoah Mountain. Lynn Cameron had seen a couple of patches, but by the time we went up to pull, there was a wide swath of the stuff in several places. There is quite a bit down by the restrooms and in the woods along the guard rail and parking lot. We pulled in two areas about a mile in.

We dragged out two black plastic trash bags of the stuff. I have heard from other master naturalists that there are places, like Reddish Knob, that are completely overrun by this invasive. I think that if we can get out on Shenandoah and really work at it, we can keep it from taking over. It will take multiple forays and more than just this year. 

It was very satisfying to remove two patches of this troublesome plant. If any master naturalist has time, please consider doing some garlic mustard removal on Shenandoah. I will be advertising some additional volunteer group activities up there soon!

– Lisa Klein, Cohort VI, May 2021

Photos by Lisa

Photo at top above: Lisa’s friend, Ann, helping bag the garlic mustard. “We took out two bags full.

The photo above shows a patch before garlic mustard removal … and the one below is after removal.