Spotted Lanternfly Project Needs Volunteers

Spotted Lantern Fly pushes South in Virginia

The Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) is the latest in a long list of non-native insects that are making their way through Virginia. Introduced into Eastern Pennsylvania from Asia, the Spotted Lantern Fly has moved easily into western PA and south into Maryland and Virginia.  Most recently, small populations have been found locally in Shenandoah and Augusta Counties. SLF has the potential to become a serious pest causing damage to fruit trees and gardens of all types.

Virginia Cooperative Extension has been operating a volunteer trapping program for the SLF to determine how this pest is spreading through the state. Headwaters Chapter participated in this project last year with one trap location in Rockingham and one in Augusta.  We would like to increase the number of traps placed in both counties this year and would really appreciate more volunteers.  The primary requirement is having access to a Tree of Heaven that is greater than 5” in diameter.  You need to check the traps periodically and enter your data in an app, loaded on to your phone or home computer, provided by the VA Cooperative Extension.  

Learn more about this latest insect introduction by signing up for and watching the Webinar: Update on the Spotted Lanternfly in Virginia.  It airs Tuesday, March 30, 2021and lasts an hour from 1:00-2:00 EST. Virginia Working Landscapes has created this 1 hour presentation with Q & A for the last 15 min of the program.  This webinar qualifies for 1 CE credit. (Scroll down to find a recording of this webinar.)

If you are interested in signing up and/or have more questions, contact Chris Bowlen chris.bowlen [at] 540-289-6801.

– Chris Bowlen

More about the Spotted Lanternfly from the Virginia Cooperative Extension HERE.

Click on the image above to find the archived webinar presented live on March 30, 2021 by Kyle Rhodes of the VA Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services, hosted by Virginia Working Landscapes.