New Project for Headwaters Chapter: Spotted Lantern Fly


Photo: by Virginia Cooperative Extension,
Early, immature stages of the spotted lanternfly are wingless and black and have white spots that develop to red patches.


Spotted Lantern Fly is now officially listed as a project for Headwaters Chapter

Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) is a new invasive insect pest that has the potential to impact farmers and homeowners. Detection by citizen scientists has been very successful in Pennsylvania and a pilot project in Virginia has provided valuable information and records in 2018. SLF has been detected in the Winchester, VA, area, and recently in Warren County (Front Royal). It appears to be moving along the Route 11/I-81 corridor. For that reason, Virginia Tech Extension would like to set up monitoring stations for early detection in as many counties in Virginia as possible and they are asking Master Naturalists to help.

It is not too late to start this project as the adults are just starting to emerge in late summer. Ailanthus altissima, aka Tree-of-heaven, is a favored host for the adults. If you have a Tree-of-heaven on your property, especially if you live near Route 11/ I-81, PLEASE consider volunteering for this project. There are two types of traps: one type is a band of sticky tape that goes around the tree, the other is a screen ‘cage’ that is screwed and tied onto the tree. You need to check the traps at least once every two weeks and enter the data into Virginia Tech’s database. That is all! The traps need to be in place until early October.

If you are interested in doing this project or if you want to and are not sure if you have a Tree-of-heaven, or just want more information, please email Chris Bowlen or call her at 540-289-6801.

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