Taking a Birthday Hike Up “Cliff Trail”


Photo: by Dave Forrer
Fringed Polygala (Polygala paucifolia), Cliff Trail Hone Quarry

It’s always fun to discover a new trail. For my birthday hike (May 12), Patsy and I walked up “Cliff Trail” across from the Hone Quarry picnic area. There’s a beautiful outcrop/overlook only about 30 minutes up the trail.  And beyond that, there were lots of wildflowers. A real bonus was that the pink mountain azaleas were blooming. And 3 miles up, at Oak Knob, the trees hadn’t displayed their leaves yet; so we had a wonderful, almost 360 degree view. (Another couple of bonuses: We only saw 2 other people on the trail, AND they’ve patched the awful potholes in Hone Quarry Road!)



Photo: by Dave Forrer
Crested Dwarf Iris on Cliff Trail Hone Quarry



Photo: by Patsy Neese
Birthday Hike snooze at Oak Knob

by Dave Forrer and Patsy Neese