Volunteer Opportunity: 8th Annual Shenandoah Mountain Wildflower Walks


Photo: by The National Parks Experience

Volunteer Opportunity
8th Annual Shenandoah Mountain Wildflower Walks

On April 25, Headwaters Master Naturalists will be hosting four wildflower walks in three different locations on Shenandoah Mountain. The purpose of these hikes is to introduce, familiarize and promote the diversity of wildflowers and wildlife on Shenandoah Mountain.

Shenandoah Mountain stretches across Augusta and Rockingham Counties in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests (North River Ranger District). It is a biodiversity treasure, with native forestland for native species habitat, recreation, hunting, fishing, and clean water. The Shenandoah Mountain complex includes the largest roadless area east of the Mississippi (Little River roadless area), one of Virginia’s highest elevations (Reddish Knob at 4,397′), and over 170 miles of trails. This is the literal “backyard” of the Headwaters Master Naturalists and citizens of the counties we serve. It is important to know and appreciate the rich natural heritage we live beside and depend upon.

Hike leaders will act as guides and liaisons between the public and wildflower experts who are enlisted to provide deeper knowledge of the identification, the cultural and ecological significance of the wildflowers of Shenandoah Mountain. Volunteers will follow all Master Naturalist guidelines and be reasonably prepared with safety procedures and first aid/communications devices.

We are looking for 2-3 leaders and 1 wildflower “expert” per walk. Volunteer opportunities include helping to organize and advertise the walks, preparing for the walks (scouting trails, preparing a program, communicating with other team members), and leading the walks on the day of the event.

The walks vary in difficulty and duration, so you can choose the trail and time that is best suited to you. There is even an afternoon session for those of you with prior commitments in the morning! This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with community members searching out the sylvan witnesses of spring.

Stroll on over to the VMN-VMS website to sign up. See you on the trail!

Questions? Contact Chip Brown at cbrown2001@gmail.com.

by Jan Worthy