Meet Tyler!

tyler.sgTyler Urgo is the Shenandoah Valley Region Steward for the Virginia Natural Heritage Program of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. He previously spent many years with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Tyler is learning about Headwaters Master Naturalists while he slides into our Chapter advisor position. Our founding advisor, Paul Bugas, has his sights on retiring sometime this fall. After 44 years with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Paul looks forward to new adventures with family and friends. He has been instrumental in keeping our Chapter healthy and strong since its inception in 2011.

HMN Stephanie Gardner recently corresponded with Tyler to share a bit about himself and his involvement with Virginia natural resources.

Please tell us a little about your work as Shenandoah Valley Region Steward for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.
– The primary duties of my position entail many tasks associated with the management of nine of Virginia’s Natural Area Preserves in the Shenandoah Valley Region. Specific duties include: invasive species management, plan writing, prescribed fire, assistance with property acquisition, as well as many others. The Shenandoah Valley Region stretches from Frederick County to the north down the valley to Rockbridge County in the South.

Have you worked before with VMN volunteers?
– At this point I have not worked directly with VMN volunteers

What have you enjoyed so far about the HMN VMN chapter?
– Although my interactions have been limited I have appreciated the wealth and diversity of knowledge among the members I have interacted with.

Are you a native of Virginia or did you move here, like many HMNs?
– I am a native of Augusta County here in Virginia.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?
– I enjoy fishing, kayaking, hunting, hiking and pretty much anything else outside.

What else do you enjoy when not at your DCR work?
– I have a five year old son who I greatly enjoy exploring the natural world with. I also enjoy turning a wrench and fiddling with vehicles of all kinds.

Big thanks to Paul for all he has done for our Chapter and to Tyler for being willing to succeed him! We’ll look forward to a long collaboration.

– Stephanie, Tyler, and Adrie, June 2019

Photo by Sandy Greene at our May 19 HMN Board Meeting in Harrisonburg.