Wildflower Walks 2018 Wrap-up


Despite the cool and dry conditions prior to the 2018 Shenandoah Mountain Wildflower Walks on April 28th, three groups of walkers found many species and had a great time in the woods of George Washington National Forest. Prescribed burns scheduled for the Hone Quarry area required us to consider alternative walks, but in the end the walk took place at the Hone Quarry picnic area and surrounding trails.

A perennial favorite walk along the North River was well attended again this year. Due to construction activity near Braley Pond, we added a new walk along the Trimble Mountain Loop trail near Todd Lake. The group was large enough to split into two groups and take separate routes along the base of Trimble Mountain. Exploring a new area was exciting for both participants and leaders.

wildflowers.esFlowers in bloom included:

  • White Violet
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Wild Geranium
  • Coltsfoot
  • Long -spurred Violet
  • Common Blue Violet
  • Yellow Violet
  • Bird’s-foot Violet
  • Bloodroot
  • Hepatica
  • Red Trillium
  • Bluet
  • Purple Deadnettle
  • Miterwort
  • Bellwort (Wild Oats)
  • Star Chickweed
  • Gaywing
  • Wild Ginger
  • Sessile Bellwort
  • Rue Anenome
  • Teaberry

The organizers met recently to do some post-walk reflection on this year and some preliminary planning for next year. In 2019, the walks will take place on April 27th: Mark your calendars and watch for more information in January 2019!

Thanks again to all of the leaders and participants of the walks and to Friends of Shenandoah Mountain for the work they continue to do to protect and preserve the wildflowers and wild lands!

– Chip Brown, Shenandoah Mountain Wildflower Walks Coordinator

Top photo by Cheryl Shull includes (from left to right) HMNs Elaine Smith, Jerry Hopkins, Betty Forrest and Peggy Plass with the Hone Quarry trail wildflower walk on April 28, 2018. 

Flower photos are by Elaine Smith. Top to bottom: bloodroot, gaywing, and red trillium — all at Hone Quarry.