Annual Meeting January 2017


The Headwaters Chapter held its Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 21, 2017, bringing together a great cross section of our membership for food and fellowship, learning opportunities, sharing chapter happenings and filling board positions.

Chapter President Sandy Greene expresses her gratitude for everyone who helped make it a success:

“Great job Judy, on the facility and lunch, and thanks for all the willing hands (and mops) to set up, cleanup, fetch and carry, manage the projector (Brian!). Sally Hurlbert was a wonderful keynote speaker providing valuable insight and Continuing Education. Thanks so much to Margaret for inviting her.


Projects Committee Chair Peggy Plass presents at the Annual Meeting

Thank you to those providing committee reports, especially the Projects Committee Power Point, with valuable hustling by project coordinators.

The computer tutoring needs to be a regular feature of our meetings, and I really appreciate Brian, Kate, Peggy and Margaret creating the atmosphere and space to help folks with VMN VMS, eBird and iNaturalist. Very helpful!

It’s always a fun booksale with Andy and Frances Sale. Thanks for creating that space – maybe HMN hats next year?

Special thanks to advisor Paul Bugas for being there all day – always available, always tuned in, always positive.

Thanks to all for coming to the ad hoc Board meeting, and your thoughtful input on our draft strategic plan.

Thanks again, wonderful Board, with many thanks to Judy and Malcolm, for their service last year. Hearty welcome to Chip and Ginny.”

Chip Brown is taking over for Judy Tammi as Vice President/ Program Committee Chair. Ginny Joseph will fill the Historian/Parliamentarian seat vacated by Malcolm Cameron. The three other positions up for election agreed to stay on for another term: Treasurer, Carl Droms; Basic Training Committee Chair, Brian Lux; Newsletter and Website Committee Chair, Adrie Voors.

Thanks to the Nominating Committee of Jerry Hopkins, Chip Brown and Kelly Rourke for their good work on this transition!

Top photo shows Continuing Education Committee Chair Margaret Speicher demonstrating use of internet tools for naturalists.
Above photos by Sandy Greene

Thanks to Peggy Plass for the photos below: