Opportunity knocking!


Update September 2014: this Fall basic training class has been postponed until Spring 2015. Contact us at headwatersmn.info[at]gmail.com to stay informed about the application process. Thanks for your patience!

It’s arrived! Our chance to share our chapter’s amazing learning opportunity with our friends, families, community at large. More than discovering secrets and relationships of the natural world around us, becoming a Master Naturalist is also an opportunity to make a difference through the collaborations and status afforded Master Naturalists and to find community among a gifted group, passionate about all the creatures, plant life, rocks, soils, and waters … that make our life possible.

The Headwaters Chapter is now taking applications for its 2014/2015 basic training class! Class starts in early September and will again be held at the Community Center of the Bridgewater Retirement Community. The weekly three hour sessions on Thursday afternoons will be supplemented with plenty of weekend field trip possibilities. As done with the previous two classes, the training course will be divided into two 10 week sessions, one in the fall and one in the spring, with a long winter break offering opportunities to hone your skills.

Applications are currently due on August 1, 2014, but this date may be extended as needed. More information here. Please contact RoxAnna with questions or concerns at headwatersmn.info[at]gmail.com.