Wildlife Center Focus Forwards

Jerry and Malcolm hang the Barred Owl Box made by Don Plants

Jerry and Malcolm hang the Barred Owl Box made by Don Plants

by Kate Guenther

The third major workday for the Wildlife Center (Focus Project) was a lot of snowy fun and new faces turned out to help! On Saturday, March 8, volunteers really moved the project forward slushing through snow to hang six nest boxes, paint and reconstruct the sign infrastructure, test out the new rain barrels, and move more stone for the pond. HMN’s are intrepid, but it was too snowy to work on installing the pond further.

A record 18 people showed up to help! By lunch it was warmer, and we stood around our work eating hot soups and stews. Welcome to Janet, Jerry, Pat, Dwayne, Malcolm, Ginny and Carl.

From here forward, workdays will be announced as they get developed by each team leader. Planting the garden will occur in different stages starting in April. Pond work will resume on April 17 or 18th. Check with Kate or the team lead to see when they next expect to work, if you’d like to join us further!

Please hold the morning of August 16th in your calendar to join the ribbon-cutting ceremony where food and ADV EDU and tours of the Wildlife Center of Virginia are planned to be offered. Families/neighbors/friends will be welcome- a great way to introduce people to the Master Naturalist program.

Project Coordinator:  Kate  540-350-2824   goatherderkate[at]yahoo.com
Pond Team Leader:  Frank  540-885-9663   exsoop[at]gmail.com
Sign Team Leader:  Sandy  540-234-9336   greenes104[at]aol.com
Planting Team Leader:  Chris   540-289-6801   bowlenchris[at]comcast.net

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