Life on Naked Mountain


Please join us for a lecture by Marcia Mabee: “The Delights and Challenges of Owning One of Virginia’s Natural Area Preserves.” Marcia will tell us how she and her husband came to purchase and conserve Naked Mountain, and will talk about the ecological features, including Torrey’s mountain mint and thousands of shooting stars, that make the area so special. She will also discuss some of the challenges that she has faced, such as invasive plants, rattlesnakes, and visiting bears.

Marcia Mabee’s presentation is the story of how the Naked Mountain Natural Area Preserve came to be and the discoveries and obligations inherent within the preserve that continue to this day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 2-3:30PM, North River Branch of the Massanutten Regional Library, 118 Mt. Crawford Ave., Bridgewater

– RoxAnna Theiss, Cohort I

NakedMountainNaked Mountain Natural Area Preserve was established in 2006. It covers 278 acres in Nelson County protecting several sensitive and rare ecosystems. More about the Naked Mountain Natural Area Preserve here.

More about Marcia and her life on Naked Mountain through her blogsite here.

Top photo is of Marcia Mabee on Naked Mountain from Marcia’s Naked Mountain Blog website.