Master Naturalist Immersed in His Work

photo credit: Angel Cooper

photo credit: Angel Cooper

from Frank Deckert:

Someone asked me to explain the photo of me that was taken at the last HMN Focus Project workday at the Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV). The photo, which I assume will appear with this story, shows me with a frame (some say a “halo”) around my face as I kneel on the floor of the unisex restroom at the WCV. Angel Cooper, who is on the Focus Project Pond Team asked me if I could install a new toilet seat in the restroom. (I guess she thought it was “pond-related”.) Of course I said “Yes”, but after removing the old seat I found that the new seat had a different attachment system. Well, Angel caught me with her camera as I was trying to determine how to proceed. Obviously, she found me immersed in my work and now I expect to be the butt of many jokes in the future. Of course, you’ll have to admit, I did get to the seat of the problem.

This was not my first unsettling encounter with this restroom. At the first planning meeting for this project I was the lone male with a dozen females. Never before have I felt under such pressure to remember to put the seat down.