Field Trip Hosts Needed!

Hey HMN members,


Yes, I’ll help!

Brian, Ann and I (Kate) are just starting to line up the spring field trips for our training class. Like we did in the fall, we’d love members to volunteer to be a HOST/ HELPER with a training field trip! (Thanks to all you who already did!)

This is an opportunity for you to volunteer AND to go on some cool trips. You can use the hours as volunteer service or Advanced Training—your choice! Please, let us know if you are interested in being a host/helper and then we can figure out what you might be interested in and what suits schedules. Every training class field trip will need a host who can attend the trip. An overview of what you would do in this role:

  • Arrive 20 minutes early to the field trip. Offer to help the presenter get unpacked and set up.
  • Talk to the presenter about any risk conditions to discuss with the group—slippery trails from days of rain, extreme heat and need for water, etc.
  • Have attendees sign-in using a provided form.
  • Give a brief “safety chat” about any potential risks you and the presenter noted.
  • Introduce the presenter to the group using the bio we will give you.
  • Stay until the end, help the presenter wrap up, thank them and help them pack and load out, if needed.
  • Email Kate (goatherderkate [at] the names of trainees who attended and how many hours the trip lasted.
  • After the trip, please email a brief, quick informal thank you. The presenter’s email is given to you with their contact info.

Field trip hosting not your thing?

  • How about coming to one of the weekly classes between March 7 and May 16 and give a few minutes description of how you are involved in the chapter, to act as a friendly face and a model of one way of volunteering?

Please consider these choices. It will not take much time, you can get volunteer hours for it, and you will make a difference to the growth and community of our chapter. We need you!

HMN is nothing without its members. We are grateful to those of you who helped in these ways in the fall! Contact to volunteer or with questions:

Kate Guenther:  goatherderkate [at]  540-350-2824
Ann Murray:  meadowspringsfarm [at]   540-383-5304
Brian Lux:   brainlux [at]   610-771-0111