2014 Annual Reports from HMN Board Members

Vice President, and acting President from August 12 until November 1, 2014, Ann Murray asked our Board members to prepare summaries of their activities over the last year to present to the membership at our annual meeting on November 1, 2014.

HMN Secretary Gretchen Achenbach helped provide these takeaways from each:

  • Paul Bugas, Chapter Advisor, attended a meeting for advisors at the VMN State Conference in Newport News in September.
  • Jerry Hopkins, new President: He will need help with the upcoming annual report due early next year; this includes the need for members to record their volunteer and advanced training hours on VMN-VMS. His report to our membership is here.
  • Ann Murray, Vice President and Program Committee Chair: We need additional members on the bylaws committee to recommend revisions and improvements to chapter bylaws. We would like to have some non-board members. Currently Ann, RoxAnna, and Sandy are on it.
  • Kathy Romig, Treasurer: Cash on hand  $2522.45. So far a little over half of our members have paid their dues, and $39 in donations were received with dues. Due to the postponement of this year’s training class, trainees payments were refunded. The audit took place, and some minor discrepancies have been resolved.
  • Gretchen Achenbach, Secretary: All board meeting minutes are posted on the VMN-VMS website, as are other chapter documents.
  • RoxAnna Theiss, Training and Advanced Training Committees Chair: Report summary is here.
  • Sandy Greene, Projects Committee Chair: She highlighted the terrific newsletter Adrie produces. It provides excellent coverage of the chapter’s projects, and of the people in the chapter. It informs people about projects, and celebrates the projects afterwards. Sandy’s report is here.
  • Dwayne and Pat Martin, Membership Committee Co-chairs: 29 certified members (43 members); 1232 advanced training hours; 5768 volunteer hours (since start of chapter in 2011); Gretchen, Kathy, and Janet James are newly certified and received their certificates.
  • Adrie Voors, Outreach Committee Chair: Report is here.
  • Margaret Speicher, ad hoc Audit Committee spokesperson: The committee consisted of Margaret, Paul Bugas, and Sue Eckroth. They performed an audit of the chapter finances in October. All corrections suggested have been made. The committee has suggested the chapter create a reimbursement form for use when requesting reimbursement from the chapter.