Bluebird Nest Boxes

Hello fellow Virginia Master Naturalists, fellow Virginia Bluebird Society members and all friends of Bluebirds,

bluebirdonboxIt’s that time…   I will soon be building bluebird nest boxes for anyone and everyone who wants them for the cost of materials.  Set ups need to be in the hands of blue birders by the end of January to ensure that nest boxes are installed in time for next Spring’s nesting season.  Once again, I have October & November available to build and disperse blue bird nest boxes for the 2016 nesting season.

This is the first and last call for blue bird boxes for Spring 2016 if you want them from me for the cost of materials.   I’m taking orders from anyone who wants them.  I’m using the Virginia Bluebird Society recommended “Carl Little” design.  I charge for materials only.  Labor is free.  Feel free to forward this on to anyone who might be interested.

• My cost for the nest box remains $9.
• My cost for the pole/baffle predator guard remains $18.
• A complete set up with nest box, pole and baffle predator guard is $27.

My account with building suppliers enables me to purchase materials in quantity at a discount. I build nest boxes and pole/baffle predator guards to order. You can order nest boxes and poles/baffles together or separately.

If you want blue bird boxes from me for the coming Spring 2016 nesting season, please give me your order as soon as you can (deadline September 30th) so that I can get materials ordered and in house. It may seem too early, but it’s not. Many VMNs and Virginia Bluebird Society members have already placed orders. All orders will be available for pickup no later than mid-November.

PLEASE NOTE!  I am implementing one big change this year. Since starting this 4 years ago for local Virginia Master Naturalists, the call for bluebird boxes has grown exponentially to include Master Naturalists and Virginia Bluebird Society members statewide and across state lines into Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Ohio. Last Fall I had orders for 240 set ups with material costs well over $6,000. It has become a big non-profit operation with materials arriving in flatbed trucks and fork lifts coming down the driveway with 100 metal conduit poles at a time. I’m not complaining – it’s great!  However, I would very much appreciate being reimbursed for the cost of materials no later than October 31, 2015. I will provide invoices for organizations/projects that require it and receipts for anyone who wants them.


When you place your order, please provide the following:
• Total number of nest boxes
• Total number of poles/baffle predator guards


Clark Walter
VMN 2012
1878 Owensfield Drive
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

September 1, 2015