Headwaters Virginia Master Naturalists Photograph Album 2018

Photo of volunteers at the HMN Annual Conference 2018 
Peggy Plass with a troop of young Scouts at the Blacks Run CleanUp Green Scene in Harrisonburg on 14 April 2018
Linda Matkins photograph of Carl Droms and Adrie Voors waterway cleaning 17 Aug 2018
Chip Brown working at Blacks Run Cleanup 30 Aug 2018
John Rockett and HMN Breyette Lorntz measuring Virginia Big Trees 2018
Collage from the African American Cultural Festival 16 June 2018
Adrie Voors photograph of Training Class field trip to Buckhill Farms May 2018 
Sandy Greene outreach at JMU’s Staff Appreciation Day 10 May 2018 
Elaine Smith photograph of the Training Class at the JMU Arboretum 11 April 2018
Kathy Byers presenting Birding Basics of the ‘Burg to training class 12 April 2018
Collage of outreach 2018
Carl Droms photograph from HMN Annual Meeting 20 Jan 2018
HMN Board meeting after Annual Meeting 20 Jan 2018 
Sandy Greene photograph of Jason Hallacher at the Jason Hallacher field trip 20 Oct 2018
Adrie Voors photograph of Dr. Megan Kirchgessner at her presentation 22 Oct 2018
Dendrology field trip with Adam Downing at McCormick Farm 11 Dec 2018
Elaine Smith photograph of Peggy Plass leading her Mushroom Walk 23 Sept 2018
Meetup at Grand Caverns Park 22 July 2018
Cheryl Shull photograph of a timber rattlesnake on Elkhorn Lake 2018 
Collage of Monarchs and More! pollinator gardens in 2018
Cheryl Shull photograph from Hone Quarry Trail Wildflower Walk 28 April 2018
Malcolm Cameron photographs of Jerry Hopkins on SNP Geology field trip 12 April 2018
Training Class at Stony Man Environs field trip 30 April 2018
Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market Compost Drop-Off Project display board 21 April 2018
Collage of March and April 2018 HMN activities
Lisa Klein photograph from Ramsey’s Draft walk 2 Oct 2018
Kate Guenther and Adrie Voors Adopt a Highway photo collage 3 Oct 2018
Rebecca Stimson photograph of tree planting for the City of Harrisonburg 24 Oct 2018